Frajona winery & apartments

Apartments and rooms Frajona in Malinska, island Krk, are newly arranged tourist facility emerged as a logical continuity of business activities of one of the most famous Croatian winemaking companies Frajona. Accommodation capacities are in compliance with current categorization for 4 stars, so besides private parking and air-conditioned rooms guests are offered wireless Internet access, SAT TV, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, some with a separate toilet.
Recognized winemaking family Volarić decided to arrange tourist accommodation capacities because of exceptionally attractive location of the production of Frajona wines - close to the sea, promenade and numerous pebble beaches - making this wine cellar probably the most distinctive of Kvarner.
You will find us easily, as we are only few kilometers of main island road away from the Krk bridge, same distance from the ferry dock for islands Cres and Lošinj, and about twenty kilometers from international airport Omišalj, where we can welcome you, or take you to, upon request.
In our neighborhood, there is a bus station and the very center of Malinska with food stores and souvenir shops.
Restaurants offering fish and authentic specialties such as dishes with island lamb, šurlice (specially shaped domestic pasta), high-quality cheeses in olive oil, and of course islands famous seafood specialties, as well as many pizzerias, all within reach of Frajona. If you prefer gastronomic exploring we recommend Malinska hinterland tour at villages like Dobrinj, Vrbnik, Krk, Punat, Baška, where you will discover the charms of dishes made from local aromatic herbs, with or without game meet, depending on your appetite and taste.
Except its favorable geographical position, Malinska and the whole island of Krk have long been called the "golden", precisely for the climate and extremely large number of sunny days, as much as 260 per year, making your vacation even more enjoyable. Warm and sunny days have given our climate a variety of natural resources like wealth of 1400 plants, nearly half of total Croatian flora. If you are cycling, the scent of aromatic herbs will follow you for 300 kilometers of the Krk cycling trail.
If you prefer water sports, in addition to swimming on one of the beautiful pebble beaches in the immediate vicinity of our apartments, renting a boat or watercraft, the real adrenaline treat can be found in the nearby village Kornić, where you can rent the ski lift, with the necessary equipment. To adventurers we recommend a visit to the Island's cave Biserujka.
We must also commend many cultural and historical sites which are abundant in the island of Krk. If you visit us, do not miss a trip to one of the old castles of the Island, such as Omišalj, picturesque Vrbnik or town of Krk, Jurandvor near Baška where you can find a replica of the oldest written Slavic monument - the Baška Tablet, written in Glagolitic alphabet in the beginning of 12th century.
There is a beautiful island Košljun with rich museum collection, open to visitors all year round located inside the Franciscan monastery, the only building constructed on the island. In addition to ethnographic and religious exhibits therein lies the rich library of 30,000 books, including the Ptolemy atlas printed in Venice in 1511. Do not miss to see it, being one of only three preserved in the world!
We have not revealed you all that Island hides ... Let it remain the magic to be discovered at your vacation that Frajona apartments and wine strive to make more pleasant for you.
And do not forget - if you want to stay right on the 45th parallel, which passes the island of Krk, do it in our house.
While we are located at address L. Bolmarčića 6, you are our lucky number 7! Specifically, it is fatal figure of the Island which was settled by Croats in the 7th century, defended from pirates seven times, whose seventh earl Frankopan was prince of Krk, and that now has 7 major centers.
Be our seven! Your wishes and criticism will be guidance for our further business!